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Connecting AI, graph and blockchain technologies to support the new social economy.
"Singularity" – created by SalvoIn3D, owned by EdSketching

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our mission
For Communities & Developers

The Yuser Network enables trustless monetization between communities and developers. Augmented by AI and graph technologies, the Yuser Network is a unique NFT Blockchain that serves as the new social contract for both communities and developers – one built on their shared well being and financial growth.

The Network achieves this by solving four key issues: monetization, privacy, adoption and interoperability – all at scale.

our story
The future of online communities

We are building tools that strengthen the collaboration between communities and developers. The resulting synergy will spawn experiential and monetization opportunities the likes we have never witnessed.

By making trustless (trust-based) monetization tools accessible, and removing obstacles to user adoption, Yuser Network is accelerating a novel synergy.

software that powers disruption

We are building the infrastructure for developers to instantly adopt users and incentivize growth. For communities, we're making it easy to monetize their content, data and connections.

live apps
yuser NFT app

The Yuser NFT App is the first dapp to run on the Yuser Network which will utilize the Yuser Network's native token (Gem Diamonds).

Members earn Gem Stones instead of likes on the Yuser App. These Stones can be used to boost posts, staked (invested) in NFT posts to earn, or exchanged for, Gem Diamonds.

Gem Diamonds can be used to purchase NFTs or other tokens on the App.


Instant Adoption

Shared reward-based authentication system that allows users to bring their audience and rewards them for doing so.

Monetize & Incentivize

Users can monetize their content and audience. Developers can reward them for their impact on user and revenue growth.

Protect Identity

Users can finally own their data and earn revenue from sharing it. Developers can respect user data while incentivizing them to share it.

Seamless Interoperablity

Reduce friction and scale with low transaction (gas) costs and seamless token use.

built on

The Yuser Network offers scaleable and interoperable AI, graph and blockchain services capable of servicing millions of users and thousands of dApps. This is possible due to Moonbeam’s EVM compatibility, and Polkadot's Parachain and substrate technology.

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