New AMA Series about NFTs & Web3

Yuser presents a new Twitter Spaces AMA series, Defi the Future. Your host, Big Lou, will chat with some amazing guests about all things DeFi and NFT. From beginners to advanced - we invite everyone to tune in Mondays + Wednesdays at 4-6 PM UTC.

From the mind of musician Big Lou

Hello! My name is Big Lou. I'm a music artist who has realized that web3 and NFTs are the future. If you are new to NFTs then welcome to your new home. Do you want a basic understanding of this great new technological world? Or maybe you prefer to take a deeper dive into these topics? We'll cover it all on DeFi The Future.

What To Expect

Yuser’s DeFi The Future AMA Series includes two weekly conversations held on Twitter Spaces. This brand new format merges a live-streamed conversation with a podcast, as all of the episodes will be available at a later date on all major podcasting platforms.

On Mondays from 4-6:00 PM UTC, we will focus on beginner topics. This track is specifically designed for creators who want to get up to speed on NFTs.

On Wednesdays from 4-6:00 PM UTC, the conversation becomes a little more technical but is still relevant for all those who want to learn more about Web3. These sessions are for those who understand the value of NFTs and want a deep dive into various projects, themes, and the happenings of this space.

Guest speakers will contribute to our learning as they share their experiences. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to receive notifications when we go live.

Defi the Future Schedule

AMAs go live every Monday and Wednesday from 4-6PM UTC.

This is the second half of the 10-week series that we've launched. Soon you will be able to find the past episodes in podcast format. Have you downloaded Yuser yet?